Privacy Policy

1. Users located in Japan and outside the EEA

The handling of personal information transmitted or otherwise provided by users in connection with the Service operated and provided by the Company (hereinafter, “personal information”) shall be performed in accordance with the following provisions.

The Company asks that you fully understand and agree with this Privacy Policy before using the services it provides.

1-1. Proper Management

  1. The Company shall observe all laws and statutes regarding the protection of personal information when handling such information.
  2. The Company shall handle personal information within the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use established separately.
  3. The Company shall institute measures to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, or leaking of personal information.

1-2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

  1. The Company shall handle the personal information registered, input, or edited by the user for the following purposes.
    1. To receive applications for the Service, to provide the Service, and to perform after-service
    2. To verify the identity of users when accessing the Service
    3. To perform market research, data analysis, and improvements regarding the Service
    4. To provide information and notifications regarding the Service
    5. For other services related or incidental to the services listed above.

1-3. Personal Information to be Collected

  1. To achieve the purposes of use listed in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall collect the following personal information in a fair and appropriate manner. This information shall be held for the period required to achieve such purposes, or the period specified by law, and destroyed when it is no longer required.
    1. Name, date of birth, email address, telephone number, social media ID and other such associated information

1-4. Provision to Third Parties

  1. When entrusting the handling of personal information to outside contractors such as photographers, etc., (hereinafter, “outside contractors”) to achieve the purposes of use in paragraph 1-2 personal information may be provided to outside contractors within the minimum extent required. In such cases the Company shall require via contract, etc., that outside contractors handle personal information under the same obligations that the Company itself is subject to, and manage such information rigorously.

1-5. User Payment Information (Credit Card Information, etc.)

  1. In the event that the user purchases for-profit products, content, or services of any kind, it may be necessary for the user to input and transmit payment information such as their credit card number, expiration data, security code, and password, etc. (hereinafter, “credit information”), and to settle payments based thereon. The user shall fully recognize the typical risks and hazards accompanying the input, transmission, and settlement of credit information via the Internet, such as leaking and falsification, and shall do so at their own responsibility.
  2. The Company shall not retain or store any credit information transmitted by the user. Credit information transmitted by the user shall be transmitted to the payment processing services company (This refers to a party separately contracted by the Company under an obligation to main confidentiality and prevent leakage, etc.; hereinafter, “payment processing company.”), and it shall be appropriately retained, stored, and used by the payment processing company.
  3. The Company shall assume no liability in the event of any trouble incidental to the retention, storage, and use of credit information.
  4. Inquiries regarding credit card information transmitted by the user shall be made directly to the payment processing company. Please understand that the Company is unable to provide support.

1-6. Point of Contact for Inquiries

  1. For inquiries regarding personal information or requests for disclosure, etc., please contact the fourtrive administrative office. Additionally, any of the user’s personal information acquired at such time shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

1-7. Revision of the Privacy Policy

  1. The Privacy Policy may be freely revised at any time in accordance with changes to the contents of the Service, or changes in laws or statutes. The revised Privacy Policy shall take effect from the point in time that the Company displays it in the Service or the software.

2. Users located in the EEA

In addition to the provisions in Article 1, the provisions in Article 2 apply to the handling of information of users located in the EEA.

2-1. Requests Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

  1. Users can make requests regarding the access, erasure, rectification, restriction or data portability of the personal information that the Company holds.
    To make a request regarding these rights, please contact the fourtrive administrative office.

2-2. Transfer Outside the EEA

  1. The company may, within the scope of the purposes of use, provide users' information to third parties, including outside contractors such as photographers.
  2. The third parties to whom the Company provides users' personal information include parties located outside the EEA. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, users shall be deemed to have accepted the following provisions.
    1. In countries located outside the EEA, neither data protection laws of the same standard as those of the EEA, nor the individual rights recognized in the EEA, can be guaranteed
      However, the Company shall, when transferring users' personal information to the countries outside the EEA concerned, ensure that such personal information is handled in compliance with the law.
    2. In order to achieve the purposes of use, users' personal information may be transferred to Company offices, or other third parties, located outside the EEA.