Fourtrive gives photographers
more freedom

Take photos whenever you want, and get paid.

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Register as a photographer

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We promise to help you achieve
your own photography style

When you want, where you want

Weekday afternoons, open weekends, free time during trips, and so on.
With Fourtrive, you can take photos whenever it's convenient for you.
You're free to choose the place, too. Photo shoot schedules and details are decided not by clients,
but by you.

No qualifications or experience required

Don't worry if you're a student or a housewife, or have no experience.
As soon as you register with Fourtrive, you're a photographer.
We also provide lots of opportunities for you to gain experience and build your reputation.
All you need is a camera and the desire to take photos.

Leave delivery and billing up to the app

Photo shoot day scheduling, location designation, data delivery, billing,
and all other non-photography tasks can be completed within the app.
Just focus on taking good photos.
Leave the rest to us.

You decide how much you get paid

Fourtrive's remuneration system is clear. You get 80%,
consisting of the "photo shoot rate" and "photo price" you set. Freely adjust your price settings by customer and location.
You should be the one to set your price.

How to get started

Here is a simple overview of how to start working as a photographer with Fourtrive.

  1. 1.

    Set the photo shoot location and time/ price

    Set the required conditions for a shoot,
    such as location, time, and price.

  2. 2.

    Do the shoot (10 minutes per shoot)

    Meet up with the client and start the shoot.
    The standard photo shoot time is 10 minutes.

  3. 3.

    Get paid

    After the shoot, upload the photos to the app.
    You will be paid according to the number of photos purchased.