Easily request photographers
with this new photography app

Bringing freedom to photography

For everyday life, travel, and special occasions,
easily request that special shot from your smart phone

Some moments can't be captured in selfies
Get professional quality photos

Immediately find nearby photographers in town, in the park, and at travel destinations.
The photography professionals registered with Fourtrive specialize in all genres,
including fashion photos, scenery photos, and portraits.

Choose only the photos you want to buy

When the photographer arrives, your photo shoot begins.
The shoot takes 10 minutes. You can easily request a shoot even while traveling.
After the shoot, you choose only the photos you want to purchase.
Since you can buy only the photos you want, there's no unnecessary expense.

Easily pay and share photos
from your smart phone

Payments are easily settled in the app. You can pay by credit card.
There's no need to negotiate the price with the photographer.
After purchasing the photos, you can download them to your smart phone with one tap.
Sharing that special shot on social media is a breeze, too.

Request a photo shoot

Here is a simple overview of how to request a shoot with a photographer on Fourtrive.

  1. 1.

    Request/ approve shoot

    Find a photographer you like
    and request a photo shoot.
    When the photographer approves, your request is complete.

  2. 2.

    Have the shoot at the designated location

    Meet up with the photographer and start the photo shoot
    at the previously designated location.
    Enjoy this special photo shoot experience.

  3. 3.

    Select photos to purchase

    After the shoot, the photos will be uploaded to the app.
    Please purchase the photos you like.
    No price negotiations are necessary.

Live as a photographer
when you want, where you want

Whether you are already a professional, are about to become a professional,
or want to try photography as a side job, you are welcome at Fourtrive.
If you have a camera and free time, go ahead and sign up.

Start as a photographer

Download the app

Request photo shoots for every purpose and occasion,
whether you're traveling, celebrating, or building a personal website. First download the app to get started!


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