Easy Photoshoot Booking App

Capture the moments you’ve always wanted with a photographer booking service.

Have all the freedom you want
Search for nearby photographers anytime and anywhere with fourtrive,
a new photoshoot app.
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Request a photoshoot for that right moment

There are moments that selfies can’t capture.
You can rely on fourtrive for those times, and search for nearby photographers.
When you’re out and about, even traveling, you can find photographers around you
After selecting the photographer, decide on the time and location, then you’re all set.

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There are moments even selfies can’t capture. Shoot with best quality

The photoshoot starts with your selected photographer once you arrive on location.
The photographer will take the shots of the photos you always wanted with best quality.
There are many photographers in fourtrive who can take different photo styles,
from vogue-chique, landscape and scenic, to portrait stills.

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The photographer will upload the photos after the photoshoot.

Carefully select your photos that you want to buy,
and pay through the app, there’s no need to negotiate with the photographer.
Share the photo with you friends on social media and Instagram.

Book a Photoshoot

Whenever and wherever you want

Request 01

Find a photographer and set up your photoshoot location and time

Search for a matching photographer based on the location, date and time you like.
Set up the photoshoot location and time in advance.

Request 02

After the photoshoot, select the photos you would like to purchase, then share

A photoshoot is about 10 minutes long.
After the photoshoot, the photographer will upload the session to the app.
Select and purchase the photos you want. Share your favorite photos on social media and leave your photographer a review.

Request 03

Easily pay through the app

Register your credit card and complete the payment.
There are no registration fees and sign up costs.
Also, you don’t have to worry about negotiating with the photographer.

Registering as a photographer

Shoot anywhere in the world, and anytime you want

Works 01

Accept photoshoot requests whenever you want and make some extra cash.

Set up your profile, your preferred time and location,
then accept photoshoot requests as you wish. Decide on your own price settings.

Works 02

Show off your portfolio to the world

Display your portfolio within the app timeline.
Attract some business with your works.

Works 03

Create a fanbase with your photos

Share the photos you take, get more followers, spread your portfolio around the world.

fourtrive is looking for photographers who can make photoshoot magic

fourtrive is looking for photographers and instagrammers
who would like to be part of the community.
You don’t need professional experience!
As long as you love the art of photography, we’d love to have you join us.